About Pagi Bali

Is it possible described more detail about Pagi Bali?

Pagi Bali was one of tourism agent as well as leading watersport on the island of Bali and Lombok, served more than 40 best destinations and are scattered in the area of the island of Bali and Lombok. In addition to tourism tour, we also facilitate watersport in the area of Tanjung Benoa with the best panorama watersport in Bali. We always worked hard to give the cheapest price package tour to you every day!

How To Book

How to Book on Pagi Bali’s website?

Ordering our tour via online with Pagi Bali’s website so easy. Just follow 6 following steps:

  1. Search your tour package / watersport by clicking the tour package / watersport column on the page.
  2. Select your favorite tour package / watersport by clicking "Book Now".
  3. Detail reservations will appear and you need to confirm it.
  4. Fill your data and contacts, then
  5. Select method of payment you want and do payment.
  6. You will receive e-ticket and e-brochure after the payment of you have confirmed
Pagi Bali does not provide transactions via telephone.

How To Get Ticket

If I ordered through Pagi Bali’s website, how do I get my e-ticket or watersport voucher?

After the payment of you succeeded accepted, e-ticket and his confirmation message watersport (watersport voucher) attached to be delivered directly to your email.

How To Pay

I have booked tour package / watersport through Pagi Bali’s website. How do I make the payments?

Please see “How to Pay” for detailed information about method of payment. Method of payment received by Pagi Bali depends on currency you choose.

How To Contact

How to contact Pagi Bali?

Our customer service are ready to serve you for 24/7 nonstop by email cs@ pagibali.com, telephone to 081-338-349-964, through live chat via desktop. For more information, look at “Contact Us”.

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